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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance with the Clean Water Loan

Worried about the cost to repair or replace your failing septic system? Skagit County and nonprofit lender Craft3 work together to offer homeowners affordable septic system financing with the Clean Water Loan. In many cases, the Clean Water Loan can also be used to connect to the municipal sewer. The loan:

  • Covers the full cost of designing, permitting, and installing a septic system.

  • Has competitive interest rates and no upfront costs.

  • Works for many property types and incomes.

  • Offers deferred payment options to homeowners with lower incomes.

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Septic systems treat sewage on the property where it is generated. Over 18,000 septic systems in Skagit County clean and recycle sewage-contaminated water into clean groundwater every day in Skagit County. On-site sewage treatment can work as well or better than large wastewater treatment plants with proper design, installation, and maintenance.

Credit, Cash, Check Accepted

40 years of Experience

State Licensed

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Rebate Programs

We know its never fun to put money into your septic system, but it is much less expensive than replacing your entire system. Skagit County offers a number of rebates to help offset the cost of regular inspections, pumping and maintenance.

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