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Septic Inspections

40 years of Expertise

Complete Septic Inspection Services
You can count on the certified crew at Rainbow Septic Service when you need professionals to inspect your septic pump tank or the gravity-fed tank. Our team inspects pump tanks every year and gravity-fed tanks once every 3 years.

City Workers Sewerage

Mandatory Inspections

Best inspectors in the county

As a part of living in Skagit County, WA, you need to get your septic system inspected regularly to make sure that it is working properly and to determine whether it needs to be pumped or cleaned. Contact us for certified Skagit County septic inspections today!

Find out more at Skagit County's Website

Valuable Investment

Ensure proper maintenance

Your septic system is a valuable investment. Just like your home or car, your septic system needs regular attention and maintenance to function for many years to come. Regular maintenance starts with inspections! Inspections can help identify and repair small problems before they become large issues that can cause illness, pollute water, and compound into larger more expensive repairs or a system failure. Timely inspections and active management of your septic system can keep it operational for much longer than with system abuse or neglect.

Septic Tanks System Installing
Man Holding Pipe

Annual & 3-Year Plans Available

Let's make this easy

Rainbow Septic has made septic maintenance as easy as a monthly or annual payment. We can set you up with an easy payment plan and contact you when your 1 - 3 year inspection needs to be scheduled. We will take all the work out of keeping your Septic System in tip-top shape.

Septic Inspections: Features
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